About me

January 01, 2015

The first real job I ever had was stocking shelves at a local supermarket at the age of fifteen. It was a part-time job to earn my first real spending money. During my employment, I frequently got a call from my manager, asking me to work an extra shift. On every single occasion I would ask him "Why?". During a casual conversation towards the end of his employment he told me how strange he thought it was that I would question why I was being asked to work an extra shift, most other people he asked would simply answer with a 'Yes' or a 'No'. As a response to his enquiry about this I said: "Why wouldn't I? I'm simply curious about why things happen."

General information

Depending on where I am, the pronunciation of my name varies. My real name is Michel, pronounced as in the Beatles song, though when used in English I tend to go by Michael, pronunciation-wise. Michel is a very common -and well pronounced- name in the Netherlands, where I just so happen to have been born. The momentous event took place on the 16th of January in 1986, in Amsterdam. I'm sure you are -at the very least- vaguely familiar with Amsterdam.

Currently I reside in the Netherlands. But if you're curious where else I've been in the world I invite you to check this map.

Even though my name is Michel I had a perfectly good reason to title my website Just Like Ed. The reasoning behind that isn't long or complicated, it did however deserve a separate page to explain; "About my name".


There are very little things that do not peak my interest. I like to think of everything that I don't know as an opportunity to learn. The only exception to this rule is celebrity gossip, I am rather apathetic to that.

Computer science subjects

A particular field of interest is the internet and other computer sciencey subjects. Ever since the first PC came into my life I've been fascinated by the possibilities. I have an unstoppable desire to fix every problem that is presented to me, be it my own or someone else's. This is especially useful in my line of work in web and software development, creating custom solutions for very specific problems or making existing solutions even better and easier to work with.

More science

Though I regrettably do not get as involved with them, I'm also fascinated by the universe around us. From the way works and why it works like that, to the way it might end and in between, all the things that exist in it. I know that's a lot to cover but, maybe it's better explained by this: I read the National Geographic, offline and Discover Magazine, online.

Movies and TV shows

Like most people, I enjoy watching the occasional movie, or watching something fun on the idiot box. You'd most likely find me in the more geeky section, over the thriller one. Watching Doctor Who and Fringe probably doesn't really help. Especially when I laugh at the rather specific jokes in the latter. But, I also like "normal" stuff, for example: Community, 30 Rock, Suits and Boston Legal. But, let's not make a list here.


My musical taste is quite complicated. There is so much of it I enjoy, it's a bit difficult to put my finger on it. Stuff I'd most likely listen too: Classic Rock, Rock, Jazz, Ska, Swing and Punk.

In addition to that I also enjoy listening to soundtracks of games and movies. It sounds a bit strange but, my theory is that it's an associative thing in my brain that makes me think it's good when my experience of the movie or game was good.

Snowboarding and Swimming

Without a doubt, I am not good at snowboarding. That doesn't make it less fun! I enjoy planting my face or behind in the snow very much. As perhaps shown quite well in some of my blog's videos.

Although the world of snow and the world of liquid water normally don't coincide well, I've managed to find a decent balance. I used to be a competitive swimmer and, although that is behind me, I still enjoy to spend time in the water and doing a few laps.


I have returned to my home country of the Netherlands, after a year in Australia on the infamous Working-Holiday visa, enjoying the amazing continent that resides down under. I could tell you all about it here but, that's what The Just Like Ed Adventures (my travel blog) are for. Check them out!


Contacting me is easiest by sending an email or something.