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Current version: 3
Status: Online
Project website: TerraEarth

About this project

TerraEarth is a project I stumbled upon while it was already up and running. After playing Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma myself I went onto the web for more information on the games. Find to see things I may have missed, tricks for better playing, background information, the works. I found TerraEarth and joined it's forums, initially to post a message about an error on the main site.

After a year or so I had helped Boxxleman (co-founder of TerraEarth) out with some website related matters. Including the setting up of a new forums. Over the years the forums have grown out to be more that just talking about Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma. Not only have the number of subboards grown but also the friendships on the forums. I made it to Administrator level after helping Boxxleman set up the 3rd version of TerraEarth Forums and haven't lost it since.

Next to being Administrator on the forums I have also gained the right to update the main website of TerraEarth. Boxxleman created a new design for the main website, but he doesn't have the time left to update TerraEarth. I took over that job and am now the main character responsible for TerraEarth, it's content and it's forums.

In the start of 2011 development on version 3 of TerraEarth began. Now enveloped within the WordPress blog system, the third version of TerraEarth is running and proving to be better than ever before. With more detail to the content, a more efficient navigation system and intergration with the Forums.

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Photos, videos and other media

  • TerraEarth Homepage
  • TerraEarth Content Page (Will from Illusion of Gaia)
  • TerraEarth Forums

Technical information

Server-side scripting:

WordPress and phpBB

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